The idea for Litter QueenTM began to sprout in 2007. Having recently taken ownership of a small dog-&-cat-treat business (Molly's Best), it was my desire to move the line towards an emphasis on cat products.

Our local SPCA was calling for donations of litter, and I began to contemplate what it would take to produce a good kitty litter. With a bit of research, I was able to develop a clean, environmentally sound (plant-based) waste product. I took a small batch to my local veterinarian, who encouraged me to persevere.

I used this prototype for my own cats, and found it extremely effective at odour control. I then began conversations with a pellet mill, and with further experimention, we developed a product that absorbs both odour and moisture, and that cats are willing to accept (!).

There are no chemicals or perfumes added to this litter, and it is both biodegradable and safely flushable in small amounts (non-clay, it dissolves in water).

Now it is my pleasure to offer this product for both wholesale and retail purchase.

With Litter QueenTM, less is more. Add just an inch or two of Litter QueenTM to the litterbox. When you use less litter, it is easier to scoop and remove clumps from the bottom of the pan. Simply tilt the box for easy access, and scoop out clumps once per day. I recommend using a metal scoop, which scrapes more firmly and therefore helps maintain cleanliness in the litterbox. Clumps may then be transfered to the toilet and safely flushed. Shake the box to redistribute the remaining litter, and you're done!

As an added benefit, because there is no sodium bentonite added, there is no danger of its ill-effects: promoters of this commonly-used additive point to its ability to absorb 20x its weight in moisture, and detractors reply that therefore, it also has the potential to cause intestinal blockages in little kittens who might lick their paws after using the litterbox.

Some cats are fussy about change! To give your cat time to become accustomed to a new litter product, start by filling the bottom 1-2" of the litterbox with Litter QueenTM and the top 1" with the brand you currently use. This will allow your cat to become comfortable with the new litter in his or her own time.

We think both you and your cats will like it.

A few notes from satisfied users of Litter QueenTM:

Our rescue organization, "Healing Animal SCARS" (Sonya's Cat & Animal Rescue Society), is proud to use Litter Queen.TM We have rescued nearly 400 cats in under five years. We find Litter QueenTM to be the absolute best for many reasons. Most importantly is that it is safe for our rescued kittens who don't have the sense not to ingest clay litter that sticks to their paws. Traditional clay litter can cause a fatal obstruction, so Litter QueenTM is the safe, clean alternative.

Cats with allergies are much happier to use Litter QueenTM as opposed to the clay litter because it has no dust, so when the cats kick up a stink in the litter box, they don't create a dust cloud which they have to breathe in.

It is also wonderful for cats after surgery, because many scaredy cats will hide in their litter box, and when using clay litter we fear that they'll get bits of litter in their incision and create infection. We also love Litter QueenTM for cats with bites or injuries to their paws, because it doesn't stick to their feet like clay litter.

Less risk of infection and a cleaner, happier cat leads to fewer veterinary visits. In the past, vets recommended using [another brand] for cats with incisions or injuries, to prevent clay litter from posing problems. Personally, I have never liked using [that brand] because it does not clump and it is hard to scoop away waste. With Litter QueenTM, we don't have any of those complaints! It clumps together and is so easy to scoop, it is a dream come true.

–Sonya Higgins
Chairman/Director, "Healing Animal SCARS"

I was excited to try a new eco-friendly product (and local too), but with multi-cats, I was worried about them accepting something different. Therefore as a test, I filled a spare litter box with Litter QueenTM and left the other boxes with their regular litter. A short time later one of my pickiest and oldest cats headed towards the back porch, so I snuck a peek ’round the door & was truly surprised and delighted to discover he had chosen to use your litter, instead of the usual! Hurrah!!!

All of my cats have been happy to use Litter QueenTM & I like that it truly clumps well for scooping, as well as being good on odor control. The other really nice feature is that it does not track throughout my whole house the way other litters do – because it’s pelleted, it doesn’t tend to get stuck in their feet or fur. So the cats are happy with it, and I am too : )
–Lynn (and my nine kitties)

It’s great to have a pelletted litter that not only clumps but will actually sift through a slotted litter scoop! No more choosing between scoopable litter that tracks all over and pelletted litter that doesn’t clump. It’s the best of both worlds.

Litter QueenTM is great for odour control and absorption. And, it's ideal for my rescues who have to be kenneled – a lot less tracking and cleaner water bowls. The natural ingredients give me peace of mind in case it's ingested. Great work! Thank you : )
– Lori

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