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The popular Cat Grass product line (available through this website plus Best Friends Pet Supply, Tantallon & Clayton Park) includes plants, seeds, and growing kits. Further details coming soon.

Here is an additional, complementary approach to the disposal of litterbox waste:
Cats, dogs and other domesticated animals generate a large amount of waste each day. Fermenting animal waste is easy, fast and by far the most environmentally sound way to solve the problem of its disposal – transforming waste into a product that restores nutrients and microbes to the soil, for superior use in ornamental gardening.

Bokashi means fermented organic matter in Japanese. It refers to an anaerobic fermentation process (rather than the more commonly understood aerobic composting process – which tends to be smellier, take longer, attract animals, and so on) for ease in breaking down waste materials. The "Bokashi cycle" process was founded in 2008 by Dr. Lawrence Green, a US research scientist with more than 40 years' experience in problem-solving in the bioscience sector, and a keen interest in reducing waste and enriching the planet's resources.

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The Bokashi Pet Waste Disposal System
("Bokashi cycle")

• Eliminates pet waste odor (anaerobic fermentation)
• Reduces ground water run-off contamination
• Diverts pet waste away from the landfill
• Reduces greenhouse gas production
• Rapidly metabolizes pet waste to nutrient- and microbial-rich soil for ornamental plants
• Eliminates methane production due to acidic anaerobic process
• Removes the risk of toxoplasmosis and other parasites getting into municipal water supplies
• Safe and easy to employ

The Bokashi cycle pet waste disposal/fermentation kit includes:
• two 3.5 gallon Bokashi Pet Cycle fermenters (completely assembled)
• two anaerobic locking lids
• three 400-gram Bokashi culture mix bags
• one Bokashi dispenser
• one gallon Bokashi accelerant concentrate
• one spritz bottle for diluted accelerant
• complete instructions

We also feature select locally crafted products, as well as treats prepared exclusively with natural,
human-grade food ingredients.

• Catnip Biscuits.....$2 per dozen

• Organic Catnip.....$3 per bag

• Fish Balls.....75¢ each

• Biscuits.....50¢ each or $5 per dozen

• Cheese Hearts (wheat-free)

• Beef Twists

• Peanut Butter Bears

All treats may be specially ordered wheat-free.
Special orders and gift boxes also available.


• Catnip Pillow.....$3.99

• Honeysuckle Pillow.....$3

• Cat grass seed packets.....$3

• Catnip Oil (Canadian made)
(to renew interest in scratching posts and toys)
Available as Spray ($4) or Roll-on ($5)

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